Cold Brew Coffee


Fresh Brew co. Cold brew coffee is prepared by steeping the finest quality 100% Arabica coffee grounds in cold mineral water overnight. The cold water slowly extracts all the flavours of the coffee grounds and results in a beautiful flavoured , smooth coffee with minimal acidity and no bitterness.

Our cold brew comes in 200 ml bottles that makes it very easy to store and drink at home , in the office and even on the move!

We believe freshly brewed coffee tastes the best and therefore recommend that you consume the cold brew within 21 days from the brew date.It tastes best chilled , over ice or even with milk. There is a lot you can do with them.

Coffee has a lot of health benefits associated with it and one cannot argue with the fact that it just makes us tick and that it helps us to improve our efficiency and productivity. A lot of people enjoy drinking hot coffee but keeping in mind our busy life-styles this is not always possible that is where the Fresh Brew Co. cold brew is extremely popular amongst coffee enthusiasts. It allows you to take cold and extremely flavourful coffee with you and have a sip whenever in need of a little boost.